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In this new time of social distancing and isolation, what happens when it's your birthday? Especially if you're a kid? Typically a celebration of friends and fun, how can a quarantine birthday be joyful and memorable?

Enter 9-year-old Ridgefield resident, Austin. 

"My name is Austin. I am 9 years old and play the violin. I want to bring joy to people who have birthdays during the quarantine even though they can't see their friends or have a birthday party."

Austin will come to your home and play outside (weather permitting) keeping within the guidelines for social distancing.

"I'm doing this because I think music makes people happy and I want people to have a happy birthday even see their friends or have a birthday party. I had to hold off on my birthday celebration, so I know how it feels," he says. 

Take a listen to this extraordinary performer play Happy Birthday on his violin here.

According to Austin's mom, this traveling musician has performed for more than thirty people during the quarantine.  "And as with all acts of kindness, ultimately we have received far more than we set out to give.  Connecting with people and seeing how people come together during this time - neighbors peeking over fences and hundreds of college kids who are home with their families that they may have thought they would never have again  -  has been extraordinary," she says.

Austin has created a Facebook Page "Quarantine Kidz Birthday Club". Here, Austin encourages locals to showcase their skills or, if they live locally, to reach out to him to schedule a performance -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

But, what happens if you don't live locally, but you'd like some music to lift your birthday spirits? That's where the Facebook Page comes in.

"Because we got so many requests to play locally, we wanted to reach people who live too far away for a live performance, so we decided to start this Facebook Page for people to post their own Happy Birthday videos," he says.

To have Austin bring joy to your birthday, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Austin does not accept any money or gifts for playing (other than applause) he just wants to make people happy. If people do want to pay it forward, they are welcome to donate to the following charities: City Harvest or World Central Kitchen (you can dedicate your donation to Quarantine Kids). Austin says, last, but certainly not least, support our personal friends at Danbury Hospital's Pulmonary & Critical Care Fund.