Community is not Canceled made possible by 

In an effort to spread positivity and lift spirits during this unprecedented time, Ross Clark, the owner of Clark Construction took it upon himself to create a magnificent piece of art that stretches 42 ft on the company building. The colorful mural contains a huge smiley face and a heart and reads, “We’re All In This Together”. 

Ross says he painted most of it himself. “I had a couple of people on my team help with the basecoat,” he says. “It took a total of 3 hours for the base coat and 11 hours for the mural,” adds Ross. 

Visible to Route 7 (Ethan Allen Hwy) travelers, the incredible piece of art likely seen by hundreds of people per day. “People are stopping by every few minutes to take photos and everyone is really appreciative that we did it,” says Ross.

Thank you to Clark Construction for this gift.