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Do You Have a Zoo at Your House?

There are many inspirational stories of individuals and companies coping with the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus crisis, but Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo has a few of its own. 

On Friday, April 3, the Zoo launched a new interactive opportunity for children and families. “Do You Have a Zoo at Your House?” asks children to draw pictures and write letters for their favorite Zoo animals or take photos of how they’ve created a zoo of their own at home, using plush animals, blocks, Legos or costumes. The Zoo’s website ( will include a page where the children’s art, letters and photos will be posted for all to enjoy, as well as featured on the Zoo’s social media accounts. 

Zoo educators have filmed a variety of Next Generation Science Standards-compliant videos, making them available on the Zoo website, via social media, to broadcasting partners, and as resources for the state’s outreach to teachers. The Zoo offers Facebook Live sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 p.m., with a different focus each day: Science-based learning from the Education staff, a Zookeeper Chat, or a visit with Zoo Director Gregg Dancho and an animal of his choice.

For more information, and updates on the Zoo’s closed status, visit