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In this new time of social distancing and isolation, what happens when it's your birthday? Especially if you're a kid? Typically a celebration of friends and fun, how can a quarantine birthday be joyful and memorable? West Redding Volunteer Fire Department to the rescue!

During April and May, children celebrating birthdays will be treated a shiny red fire truck drive-by! And, by the looks of things on videos posted to the Fire Department Facebook Page, you can expect more than one fire truck!

"Do you have a child celebrating their birthday in the months of April or May? Let us swing by and brighten their day!" West Redding Volunteer Fire Department says.

Contact West Redding Volunteer Fire Department today to schedule a special drive-by. 

Message them Facebook here or email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please provide the fire department with your preferred date and time as well as your home address.

West Redding Volunteer Fire Department says that three districts will be working together to bring birthday smiles to Redding kids!