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Casey Castillo, a nurse and busy mom from Orange, CT founded 203 Rainbow Hunt after being inspired by a community hunting for rainbows in upstate NY.  Her Facebook Page is spreading joy and the vibrant colors of the rainbow throughout Connecticut. 

Since launching the page just a few weeks ago, she has gained over 5,000 members (join here) who are finding rainbows in nature, seemingly mundane objects, and sharing artistic rainbow creations. 

In a blog post, one of the page admins and champion of rainbows, Caroline Hoffman said, “We are currently living in a situation we’ve never experienced before. It’s a little confusing, scary, frustrating. What we can certainly do is find rainbows throughout this storm.”

203 Rainbow Hunt not only brings town residents closer together, but it connects each community in the Nutmeg State. 

Thank you to Casey, Caroline, and all who are leading our “Hunt”. Please use hashtag #203RainbowHunt and share your rainbows on the 203 Rainbow Hunt Facebook Page here.

To find out which Connecticut communities are part of the 203 Rainbow Hunt (and to add yours) click here.