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Do you hear what I hear? 

Ridgefield came through last night with bells, claps and heartwarming words to support our first responders and bring our community close, even when we are physically separated.

"We got this!" "Thank you!" - some of the children chanted! 

As a way to bring solidarity to the residents of Ridgefield and honor our first responders, Compassionate Ridgefield encourages residents to sound a bell, even clap your hands each evening from 7:00 to 7:02 pm outside of their homes. Local clergy can join in by ringing church bells!

Even though we are apart, for two minutes each evening, we will unite as one in gratitude to our local medical community and first responders. 

The photos and videos shared on Facebook showed families, children, even our seniors, ringing bells and making joyful noise outside of their homes. Let's do it AGAIN! Tonight from 7 to 7:02 pm! 

Many surrounding communities have taken to ringing bells each evening and sharing their activity on social media! Feel free to capture your family clapping, banging pots and pans, or ringing bells and post on HamletHub and many local Facebook pages!

We are all in this together.