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Torrington Warriors Football & Cheer say that what started as a simple fundraiser and an easy way to bring joy to some kids faces in these troubling times has turned into so much more than they could have ever imagined. 

Torrington Warriors Football & Cheer’s “Egg My Yard” initiative brings Easter Egg Hunts to local yards on Easter eve (April 11). In less than 48 hours after announcing the program, the Warriors say they had 41 homes soon to be hunting grounds for colorful eggs and candy!

The Warriors Football and Cheers said, “We have gotten so many thank you’s for smiles that are going to be coming to children’s faces as certain parents just can’t get out at these times. We have adults ordering for themselves for something fun to do Easter morning. A great grandmother is sending this gift to her great grandkids. Friends sending to their friend’s kids. It’s amazing!”

In addition, the Warriors have received donations for the families of medical workers, the recently unemployed. They say, “One special [egg hunt] was given to an under appreciated retail worker who cried at her register and through tears said her grand kids were going to be so happy!”

Due to popular demand, the Warriors are now traveling out to Torrington, Litchfield, Goshen, Northfield, Harwinton, New Hartford and Burlington. 

To have the Warriors Egg your yard, call Stephanie Elliott 860-459-0015 no later than April 5! 

Here’s how the fun begins: 

  • Participants order the number eggs needed for their family, and the Warriors take care of the rest! 
  • Eggs and candy, all pre-packaged and individually wrapped are carefully hidden in yards and a note left on your door from the Easter Bunny! 

The Easter egg hunting begins!

Thank you to Torrington Football & Cheer for this awesome event and for bringing joy to so many!

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