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The tiny townsfolk on Spring Valley Road in Ridgefield have a special message for visitors. A note near the front door of their gnome home reads:

In these desperate times, we need to keep positive and find things to do to make us feel happy! Tune into @harry_the_gnome on Instagram for the next 10 days to get some helpful ideas.

- Stay safe (heart), Harry

Spring has certainly sprung at the Keebler home on Spring Valley Road. Quarantining has given the elf family more time together. They have been busy planting pansies and decorating their property for Easter (all while social distancing from passersby).

Harry, a lover of the arts, has "taken up a paintbrush" today, day 4, of his Instagram "things to make us feel happy" activities (for days 1-3, please see Harry's Instagram page). We happened to catch him on this beautiful Saturday painting en plein air (of course we waved from across the road).

The friendly fairies are doing their part to stop the spread of COVID-19 which includes wearing protective masks when in public and applying purell regularly. In fact, a bottle of the hand sanitizer has been placed next to the mailbox to keep the mail carriers (and the Keebler's) safe. 

Harry asks that if you do stop at his home to marvel at the flowers, artwork, and spring decor, you adhere to the social distancing standards of six feet as set forth by the Governor.

Stay well and follow Harry Keeblers good advice - find something to do each day that makes you happy. We are all in this together - even the tiny townsfolk on Spring Valley Road.

For updates, daily inspiration and elfin fun follow @harry_the_gnome on Instagram.