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Pamme Jones, the Executive Director of The Ridgefield Theater Barn has used this time of social isolation to create something incredible. It's called Ghost Light Sessions which have morphed into "Steal the Ghost Light" featuring locals sharing innovative ways they are connecting and experiencing the arts. From drummers to poets who are filming themselves in the dark, from their homes, Ghost Light Sessions is a way to stay connected, learn about virtual local happenings, and be inspired while we are physically separated.

Record yourself telling a story (could be a ghost story) reading a poem, share an experience or monologue (in the dark with a dim light) and email it to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Initiated on March 21, these bi-weekly sessions on Facebook live, are unscripted musings, involving stories, song, or whatever the presenter has in mind, bathed in the theater’s ghost light. The series has not been limited to these live sessions, as the Barn has thrown out the challenge for patrons and creative types to send in their own submissions, a performance or story, or post on social media with the hashtag, #RTBstealingtheghostlight.

More information about the Ghost Light sessions and how to “steal” the ghost light is available on the Theater Barn website,

Tune into Facebook on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 8:45 pm to be enlighted, inspired, and empowered!